Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July 26th, 2017 - Photo 207 of 365

The Shire Horse
My grandparents ran this pub outside Maidenhead, now known as The Shire Horse, for almost 30 years. My Mum was born at The Sun Inn public house in Henley, and then the family moved here in 1938 when Mum two! In those days the pub was called The Coach & Horses. She basically grew up there and it was also where where she met Dad. They lived there for the first couple of years of their marriage, while they were building their house in Altwood Road. In recent years the pub has been extended, but the main original part where Mum lived remains. Behind the pub is the bowling green, which my grandfather put in. I think my grandmother was a ladies county bowls champion... My grandparents retired around the time I was born, and in fact my grandfather never went back there after that. It will always be a big part of our family history.

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