Thursday, 18 May 2017

May 18th, 2017 - Photo 138 of 365

Storm taking it easy
It's been a really tough week for Storm. At the beginning of the week she had to go to Fitzpatrick's at Guildford for an emergency appointment as the cancer (lymphoma) had made a swift and violent return (couldn't think of what word to use so sticking with violent). The chemo had stopped working and was no longer effective, so they have tried another type, one which was injected followed by tablets the following day. She has blocked lymph nodes, which has caused swelling around her neck, and badly affected her back right leg, stopping her from get up any kind step and causing her legs to give way. Since the treatment, she has, true to form, bounced back very well and the swelling has noticeably reduced and she has better mobility although still a bit shaky. She is in a massive battle, and she is fighting hard. It's been another setback, but staying positive and just making sure she is comfortable and happy. I am hoping that if she has a good weekend, she will be well enough to come into work again next week.

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