Tuesday, 16 May 2017

May 15th, 2017 - Photo 135 of 365

Skinny Lister at The Roundhouese
Frank Turner played four consecutive sold out nights at The Roundhouse, and I went to the last of these shows. It was a fantastic evening with Frank on blistering form to a brilliant crowd. I have come a little late to the Frank Turner party, but I have absolutely loved the two gigs I have seen to date.

The added bonus was that Skinny Lister were supporting. They had given me a photo pit pass for their own concert a few nights earlier, but hadn't been able to meet me, so the plan was to meet before this gig. Fate was against me yet again, as the chapter in the forthcoming bowel cancer fundraising book will reveal. But it is going to happen at some point, so all is good. Their performance was fantastic, and the they got a terrific reaction from the audience.

The photo of Skinny Lister was taken from the crowd. I was hoping to get a photo pass to snap Frank, but it was not possible due to numbers, so I had to photograph him from the crowd too, but I think I got a really good shot of him to use in the book.

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