Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June 28th, 2017 - Photo 179 of 365

Racing at Henley Regatta
I reckon that my Mum and Dad notched up the best part of 65 years of virtually unbroken attendance at Henley Regatta. 2009 is the only year missed as far as I know, which was when dad passed away shortly before the regatta. Dad competed at the regatta in the 1950s, but times were very different back then. He once told me how their preparation the night before, would involve many pints of beer. Not so sure the athletes would get away with that now! 😁In the last few years the baton has been passed on to me, and something I am proud to continue. It was a bit chilly by the river today for the first day, but there were quite a few close finishes to keep the spectators interested. 

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